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1decision is Headway’s first partner and ticks all the right boxes! 1decision offer two effective and enjoyable PSHE education programme using videos and characters that provide children with a deeper understanding of how to safeguard themselves and others.

Following the success of their 5-8 year old programme, led by character Deedee, we partnered up with 1decision and released a fantastic new programme for 8-11 year olds with the new character Darlee.

As an interactive resource, the programme provides a series of videos with alternative endings, combined with effective activities and assessments throughout, which can also help to fulfil many of the requirements for SMSC development.

PSHE can often touch on sensitive subjects but the use of characters makes these topics less personal for the children. Pupils can watch the characters, decide what to do in the same situation, and thus apply the knowledge they acquire to their own lives. It therefore engages and inspires students to think for themselves and become the best they can be!

As promised, we don’t stop here. The 1decision programme is one of the first resources to be kitemarked by the PSHE association and is in line with the most up-to-date curriculum, safeguarding, PSHE and Ofsted guidance.

The 1decision programmes for 5-8 and 8-11 year olds include:

  • Over 65 videos, many with alternative endings
  • Downloadable and on-screen lesson guides
  • Simple to follow teacher notes
  • Student Workbooks
  • Award packs
  • Stickers, certificates and more!

1decision is the full package. With a complete programme, including activities and online lesson guides, teachers can fully focus on the effective delivery and development of the individual child. Just like we said, we are taking the workload off you!

If you want to learn more about the 1decision resources and see what others have to say, why don’t you visit our testimonial section.

Hear what Jim Nicholson, headteacher of Mellor School in Stockport, had to say about the 1decision PSHE programme at the PSHE Discovery Conference in Manchester in July 2018.



Schools are under enormous financial pressure with stories in the press all the time about parents and other supporters being constantly asked to help. So, we put our thinking caps on, brought a team together of industry experts and created FundStar.

FundStar is a brand new way to raise money for schools that’s easy, effective and smart. Sign up to FundStar, use your FundStar card and commit to add a micro-payment to the bill each time you use your card. That then goes directly to your chosen school to help pay for a project they’ve nominated.

For schools it’s a brilliant way to raise funds for FREE!

For parents, guardians, carers, grandparents, alumni – whoever. It’s a great way to easily and regularly help your school in a small way. But with everyone on-board, those micro-payments soon add up to making a big difference for your school

Learn more here.

Are You Disrupting the Education Space?

Headway is a genuinely unique organisation that is seeking to support educational programmes in the UK that equip schools with engaging, empowering and inspirational tools to make students better, fitter and smarter.

Using digital tools and video, Headway is interested in partners in the education space that develop innovative and inspirational programmes that grab the attention of students, empower them to think for themselves, inspire them to achieve more and, importantly, reduce the workload on teachers.

Headway programmes focus on a range of dimensions of improvements and learning:

  • physical and mental health
  • social-emotional development
  • creativity and innovation
  • citizenship and democracy

For Headway, these dimensions are vital components of learning and of successful students and schools. Headway will consider supporting educational programmes if they engage, empower and inspire both students and teachers and play a key role in fostering student’s overall success in school, at home and in society.

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