PSHE - Sharneyford Primary School

MAY 2019

Sharneyford Primary School is a village school in the semi-rural area of Bacup, in Lancashire. Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in 2017, the school has three mixed-age classes for its 68 pupils. Children are encouraged to gain knowledge, confidence and independence and achieve their highest standards in all aspects of school life.

Michelle Jarvis, who has been the school’s PSHE co-ordinator for 14 years, is guiding colleagues towards the new Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum which comes into effect in September 2020.

“Teachers here have always been pretty good at PSHE – but planning and finding delivery time has been an issue,” Michelle said. “We were following the PSHE Association’s subject plan but did not have the resources to do our job. Those we were using were dated, old fashioned, and not fit for what we are talking about with pupils in the modern day. I saw 1decision present at a cluster meeting in Autumn 2018, looked into it further, and realised it would be a massive help.”

Having purchased 1decision, the school started introducing 1decision to pupils in February 2019.

“We have been using it, and discussing and referring to it at least once a week in each class,” Michelle explained. “Children love it – there is more significant impact on them than the teachers – they are now asking to do it, they love the videos and having to make a choice. Even if they do not make the right choice the video still makes the scenario real. We are based in a deprived area and there is a real push on healthy lifestyles here. 1decision helps to educate pupils on these issues. For teachers, 1decision has reduced their workload: it gives them the videos, photos and a way of recording PSHE that they did not have before.”

Michelle said that whilst 1decision is being embedded in the school, she is delighted with the overall wraparound care and support provided:

“I asked for a mapping document to the new Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum and got a response straight away to say they were working on this; and I subsequently received an updated document the following week. We are checking how specific aspects of the programme support our individual pupils’ needs, for example in giving extra lessons for children with social issues or from deprived backgrounds. Unlike other programmes in this area, which are too constrictive, 1decision allows us to dip in and mould the curriculum for our pupils.”

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