PSHE - Cross Farm Infant School

Cross Farm Infant School is an ‘Outstanding’ school in Camberley, Surrey, with 168 pupils on its roll. Over their three years with the school, children develop their personal and learning values and leave ready to fully engage in the future. The school’s strapline, ‘A place where everyone matters’, is lived and breathed in its approach to Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, which is supported by investment in the 1decision programme.

“When I was initially contacted about 1decision it caught my attention for three reasons,” recalled Headteacher Jules Langston. “Firstly, that the programme provides a series of videos, and infants are captivated by visual learning. Secondly, that for each module there are alternative endings, and often a twist, which again is very captivating. And thirdly, that it is the first primary platform to be kitemarked under the PSHE Association Quality Assurance programme – there is nothing else out there that is. There is so much going on with PSHE right now, and we were just looking for a simple, teacher-friendly programme to get us going. 1decision gave us everything we needed to do that.”

The pupil demographic at Cross Farm is representative of the wider county, with around 80% UK and 20% non-UK in origin (spanning 14 different languages), and Jules said the value of 1decision is that the “visual content works for everyone”. She explained:

“1decision is supportive of every child, and makes a difference to all children. It provides rich, deep learning – from modules on keeping/staying healthy and feelings and emotions to being responsible, relationships and computer safety – giving a truly 360-degree experience for the child. Pupils have really thrived on the digital content. We also have evidence from parents that many children have continued to think about lessons at home.”

Teachers have also benefitted from the programme, Jules revealed.

“For our staff, 1decision provides just the right amount of support material,” she said. “If it was too detailed, they would not have time to absorb it, and would then defer to previous materials and their own experience. They are able to plot 1decision against the values we are teaching and it directly inputs to our wider work on e-safety and safeguarding. It gives the tools that everyone needs to do the best possible job. As a school, it also puts us in a strong position to embed PSHE as a statutory part of the curriculum, should that happen.”

Jules has also spotted an opportunity to involve other schools in fostering a wider commitment to PSHE.

“I would absolutely recommend 1decision to others and, from September 2017, we will launch a wider PSHE project through our Kite Academy Trust with six existing schools and four more from outside of the Trust wrapped around us,” she said. “Visually 1decision is so powerful. It is also affordable and carries the kitemark. We have really bought into a programme that so many good people have spent time to develop. It gives the quickest possible route to the best possible outcome for children.”