PSHE - Brighton & Hove Prep School

March 2018

Brighton & Hove Prep School is an independent day school for girls aged 3-11. It is part of the Girls’ Day Schools Trust, the largest group of independent schools in the UK with 26 member schools, and also has a High School and Sixth Form.

Within the Prep School, Heather Dev is responsible for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education and the curriculum is especially focused on health and wellbeing, relationships, living in the wider world and work-related learning.

“PSHE is really important in our school and given our student demographic is something we need to do,” Heather said. “We cover PSHE throughout the school year, both explicitly through PSHE and also through RE. We have built a reputation for our pastoral approach, and have always been told we are very strong at PSHE by external visitors. Our Head is absolutely committed to PSHE and as the PSHE co-ordinator I will always fight its corner.”

Having been recommended to 1decision by a former colleague, Heather has been using the 5-8 programme for two years and the 8-11 programme since 2018.

“When I first introduced 1decision to Year 1 and 2 the children absolutely loved it,” she explained. “It is colourful, engaging, well laid out, the videos are an appropriate length and overall it is exactly the right level. All the children I have used it with really like the worksheets. It is very clear to teachers and students alike, and you can tell that other teachers have inputted to it. The 1decision resources are vast and we use these as our main resource for teaching PSHE in our school. This year we have covered the feelings and emotions modules and applied parts of the computer safety modules during e-safety week with the younger ones, and will use the relationships modules with Year 5 and 6 through the remainder of the current academic year.”

Heather has been a PSHE co-ordinator for over 20 years, teaching reception to Year 6 children in four different countries, and claims she has not seen anything to rival 1decision.

“I’m probably 1decision’s biggest supporter,” she insisted. “With some resources you just get teaching books, with others you just get videos. 1decision is the complete package and makes the teaching of PSHE easy. Anyone can use it, regardless of their subject specialism, and for time-poor teachers this is so important because they can pick it up quickly. The children are so enthusiastic about 1decision and have really responded positively to it. PSHE covers some sensitive subjects, and 1decision allows the children to talk openly about their own experiences through describing what the characters in the videos are going through.”

“The positive difference in the children engaged in 1decision has also been noticeable.” Heather said: “It’s the way they talk to staff, to visitors, to each other, and how they behave. We have polite, lovely pupils here who know right from wrong. The behavioural aspects came out in a recent visit from the Independent Schools Inspectorate.”

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